Lighting is the Νο 1 factor to create perfect
results in beauty industry!!
Choose the appropriate lights to notice
every single imperfection in face and body.
Adjust the intensity and get a natural result
with even lighting and no shadows.
Take a picture or a video to create a great portfolio
or to show off your talent on social media!


Professional Lighting-Ring Lights

Λάμπα Μακιγιάζ LED Ring Light - Makeup LED Ring Light 18inch with 2 Dimmers
149,00 €
134,10 €
Επιτραπέζια Λάμπα Μακιγιάζ LED Ring Light 10 Ιντσών Με 2 Ροοαστάτες - Table Makeup LED Ring Light 10inch with 2 Dimmers
50,00 €
38,00 €