Toyoko My MISTic Romantic Dream Body Mist

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Romantic Dream My MISTic - fragranted body mist Toyoko, 130ml

Romantic Dream - My MISTic
Body Mist Toyoko

Fragranted body spray with light and airy composition suitable for women that need to refresh their perfume all day long!
Romantic Dream body mist is based on vanilla scent with amber and sandalwood, a fragrance that will make you feel warmth.

"My MISTic" body mist line Toyoko consists of 5 different scents:

1) Vanilla Cupcake
2) Batida De Coco
3) Romantic Dream
4) Dolce Vita
5) Yes I Do
6) Temptation
7) White Musk

Bottle: 130ml
Made in Greece