2 in 1 Head Shaver & Trimmer Philips S720-17

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Clever 2 in 1 head shaver and trimmer Philips S720-17, easy to use, offers clean shave and trimming precision 1-5mm

2 in 1 Head Shaver & Trimmer Philips S720-17

This 2 in 1 device is the perfect tool for men that love to take care of their appearance.
Trim and style your beard with ease and precision while protecting your skin from nicks and cuts. Use with or without shaving foam.
The SmartClick System helps to switch easily between the shaving head or beard trimming head. 
The dual rotary shaving attachment is designed with 2 heads that move in 3 directions to follow your face's curves, for a close and clean shave with no cuts.
The trimming head offers precision to create the perfect stubble, beard or mustache, 1mm to 5mm length settings.
Use wet or dry and rinse under the tap to clean.

1 hour of charging equals to 40 minutes of cordless use.
The light indicator will show you whether the battery is full, low or charging. 

ComfortCut blade system
SmartClick head switch system
Trimmer length settings 1 to 5 mm
Cordless use up to 40 minutes
1 hour of charging
Quick charge for 1 shave
Fully washable, can be used in the shower
Battery light
Protective cap
Anti-slip grip
1 year guarantee 

* This device comes with english adapter. Greek adapter is included.

Terms of proper operation

Factory Warranty