Sterilizing Oven SD81

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Large dry heat sterilizer for metallic tools, with 3 trays, up to 230°C, made of stainless steel
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Large Dry Heat Sterilizer SD81 - 230°C

Dry heat sterilizing oven, with 3 stainless steel trays, made of stainless steel.
This electric device offers efficient sterilization of manicure and pedicure tool, a necessary tool for all nail technicians and beauty professionals!!

All metallic and heat-proof tools can be sterilized within a few minutes.
The tools must be clean and dry and not being piled onto the trays.
Place the oven in a flat surface and leave ventilation space around 10-15 cm.

Sterilization time: 170°C / 60 min and 23C / 20 min
9-scale adjustable temperature, up to 230°C
Timer: 0 to 120 minutes
HOLD timer setting for continuous use
3 stainless steel trays included
Heat resistors: sides and bottom
Dimensions: 48 x 37 x 28 cm
Box dimensions: 54 x 37 x 44 cm
800 watt
Capacity: 12 lt
Voltage 110-240 v
Net weight: 8,7 kg
Gross Weight: 9,7 kg

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