Diamond Bur Coarse Grain 067-015-033

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Diamond bur, green ring, coarse grain size, Ø 33mm
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Diamond bur in wheel shape with round periphery, green line coarse granulation, suitable for fast removal, size Ø 33mm. 

Its shape allows use in curvy areas and is ideal for removal and shaping. 

Galvanized high quality burs made of natural diamond, of high density and hardness,
certified with international standard ISO 13485:2003 and CE. 
They don’t heat-up, they can be cleaned and sterilized. 
Professional nail tools, for manicure and pedicure, suitable for nail technicians.
They fit in all nail drill machines.

Code: 067.015.033
Line: Green
Size: Ø 33mm
Shape: Wheel, Round Periphery
Material: Galvanized Diamond