Aurora Effect Neonail 01

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Aurora Effect No 01 2g Neonail, innovative formula in powder form to create metallic mirror effect in yellow shades Aurora Borealis

Powder Aurora Effect Neonail No 01 is an innovative powder that gives a 
metallic mirror effect in shades of Aurora Borealis.
The colour changes depending on the intensity, the angle of light
and the powder effect you will choose.
The result is a manicure with reflective surface between shades of yellow and green.

Apply the powder on the preferred hybrid nail varnish, gel or acrylic and get this beautiful effect. 
For softer or stronger effect result use black or white colour varnish as the base colour.

Colour: Shades of Yellow
Weight: 2g


1. Gently abrade the nail.
2. Apply a thin layer of HARD BASE and harden in the UV lamp.
3. Apply a coat of varnish hybrid of the selected colour, and then cure with a LED lamp 36 Watt for approx. 30 seconds or a UV lamp 36 Watt for approx. 1,5 minute (The darker the color, the longer the curing time).
4. Apply a second, and equally thin layer of the same paint lacquer and then cure in the tube. 
5. Apply a thin layer of DRY TOP to give incredible shine. Cure in a LED lamp 48 watt for 20 sec or UV lamp 36 watt - 100 seconds.
6. Rub AURORA EFFECT 01 with your fingertip or sponge/applicator. Remove the excess powder with a soft brush.
7. Apply a layer of NAIL TOP SUNBLOCKER or DRY TOP and cure with the lamp.
8. Finally apply HARD TOP and harden in the lamp again.

Do not use on a classic nail polish.